Our mission:

Advance well-being of humanity through “computational behavioral science”


We provide the highest level of scientific knowledge on human behavior through data analysis.
We foster new idea leading to improved decision making through open collaboration.


We believe that the grand challenge in the 21st century is as follows:
“How might we advance well-being of humanity in the era where the technology has gotten far ahead of the progress of our society?”

To address this challenge, the habitech team collaborates with crazy creators and engineers to start social movements which help people learn, grow, and achieve optimal state of well-being.

Currently, we are focused on:

1) building a generalized algorithmic architecture to reach human-level “Omotenashi” or Japanese-style hospitality,
2) designing a computational creativity system that produce “Boke” or joke, “Washoku” or traditional dietary culture of Japan, and so forth.

Again, it is time to change the way we spend our life every day and “computational behavioral science” can help us to achieve optimal state of well-being.

We are always looking for insanely great people to join our team!


Company: Habitech. 2013-

Principal Investigator: Yoshiki Ishikawa, PhD

Biz Area: Data Analysis, Consulting, R&D